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About Us

Cindi Loohoo Designs

I have always had a love for anything art. I started drawing/painting when I was a little girl. 

I got started in graphic design back in 2006. I got a job working for a local television news as a video editor/camera operator/web graphic designer... I learned as a went. 

Moving along.. after that I was co-owner of a local Good News newspaper and I created 2 weekly comic strips for it. That was a lot of fun ;) 

ffw.. In 2016 I started a job as a CNC Plasma Torch operator/designer/shipper as well as listing all designs on several platforms. We made address plaques, wall art, bookends, coat racks etc. In this type of art, you cannot properly design without firsthand knowledge of how the machine works. Ole Betsy was my baby. I loved that job even though I came home dirty as a mechanic every day. I ended up with a serious on the job injury and that ended that. 

I've always loved graphic design, and so for the last couple of years I have been creating tons of new designs that are 100% Customizable. I love creating something for someone else! I've taken all that experience and knowledge combined, and created this shop. I have thousands of designs to work with already and only an inkling has been published so far. 

I also have a YouTube channel for my other love, and that's The Moon, space, and all that is out there! I divide my time between the shop and the Moon every day. I am devoted to both. 

I do astrophotography and video and I do integrate some of my actual space photos into designs. 

All designs that you see can be customized! Just shoot me an email with your idea/request BEFORE you purchase the item and I will work with you to get it perfect! 

Cindi Loohoo